• E.J. Wanjiru

38 Life Lessons to Consider

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The 38 actions below are #lifelessons I have learned and continue to implement till this day. These lessons molded me into a braver and happier human being and for that I am eternally grateful to the people, places and circumstances that contributed to my ever-changing growth and enlightenment.

1. Avoid looking back on your life and regretting the choices you made or lack thereof; choose with caution and sagacity, the same way you do when selecting nail polish or sneakers.

2. Not everyone will like you; be thankful. That's less stress on your part.

3. Do more listening and less talking; the lesson lies in the silence in between.

4. Fear is the antagonist in your lifetime movie. Kill the villain.

5. Nurture the magic you observe in others.

6. Perspective makes you wiser; gain it by stepping outside of yourself.

7. Shed tears when you want to; it's your spirit asking to be cleansed.

8. Articulate your thoughts and emotions with conviction.

9. Don't quiet your voice for anything or anyone. Instead, let it be your beacon.

10. When people hurt you repeatedly, they don't give a shit about you. Stealthily eradicate them from your life.

11. Be self-aware. Knowing who you are is tantamount to knowing who others are.

12. Pay close attention to how other people move; you can learn a lot about yourself through their actions.

13. Accountability is a sign of maturity. Own up to your mistakes.

14. Thinking one way all the time limits growth. Challenge yourself to explore the landscape beyond you.

15. Forgive yourself and others. It's a freedom only you can control.

16. Try to find humor in that which you can. It will lighten the load.

17. Talk to people that have lived in other countries because they've experienced life in a way you will never know, but should -- through their lens.

18. When feeling anxious or stressed -- throw caution to the wind and dance like everyone is watching.

19. Jump in the waters when they are raging. Risk can be rewarding and if it isn't, dry yourself off and jump in again.

20. Look people in the eye when talking, give firm handshakes and hug like you mean it. These are unspoken affirmations of self-confidence.

21. Get to know your parents as human beings. Understanding who they are beyond just your parents, will foster a new appreciation and connection.

22. Maintain your individuality in relationships. Having a life within a life makes for a peaceful life.

23. Peace of mind is priceless. Own it by letting go of control and negative thinking.

24. Save yourself first. Self-preservation is not selfishness.

25. Walk with a purpose-- like your going places.

26. Cohabitation: pick a room in your home and deem it the "safe room" -- no arguing or disagreeing in this space. Use it to talk and listen to one another without yelling.

27. Mental health: your brain is the command center. Check in and be diligent in supporting its health and well-being.

28. Be really good at one thing.

29. Appreciate what you have because there is someone out there who wishes they had it.

30. Be impressed by the man that built the car, not the man driving the car.

31. Allow art and music to stir your soul.

32. All relationships are designed to show you who you are. Use the mirror to learn, grow and let go.

33. Find your passion for it is the energy that will sustain you well into your golden years.

34. Learn from other people's mistakes.

35. Lose yourself in books. It's a fabulous way to exercise your mind.

36. Who you are is enough. If you don't like it, you have the power and authority to change.

37. Don't shy away from being the center of attention. You could be a source of inspiration for someone else.

38. Avoid falling into the same hole repeatedly. Try walking down a different street for a change.


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