• E.J. Wanjiru

A Poem Worth Sharing

The first time I read this #poem it resonated in a way I didn't want to admit. In hindsight, it resonated because I was feeling the same things about a relationship I was in at the time. Thank you, Nanu...for putting your heart and soul down for us to read.

Pseudo Kings by Nanu

You professionally prey on independent women that get shit handled alone at any cost

You start your game with sob stories of your last woman's abuse and mistreatment

Sensing the scent of a queen who secretly wants a partner in crime, a puzzle piece that fits, looking for her king

In full costume and disguise you do and say all the right things to break thru the walls all independent women build to protect themselves

Provide the comfort and companionship she needs until you break thru and she opens her gates to you

Then the more she righteously comes to love, care and connect fully with the soul in this costume, as a true queen does…the comfort you've provided him begins to slowly, over years, undress him from his disguise as a king

In reality you've only connected with a beautiful soul, as ALL souls are, but a true king wears no costume

Kings don't watch as the queen handles shit

Kings don't let the queen bring more to the table while all he brings is nothing of substance and excuses

Kings don't disappear in her time of need, she suffering alone

Bill collectors speak clear English that suddenly this king doesn't acknowledge

Slowly, unfortunately, at her own ignorance it takes years for her to see him fully out of his king costume

Although still a beautiful soul nothing even close to a real king

As he senses your newfound clarity his search for the next independent woman begins

The reset button is pressed and it all begins again

The scent of a woman who handles her shit but secretly wants some companionship and care is found

He tells her how bad he's been treated, talented enough to even drop some tears to break down her first brick and he's fully back in disguise

A real queen learns from her experience how to move on with the clarity to meet a true king and to recognize ones in disguise

She leaves the situation regretting that the process took so long but wishes no ill will or harm to his soul because without this lesson her ignorance would still exist

It must be a miserable shameful unfulfilling life to have to get in and out of a costume; never experiencing yourself the true love you've been offered in the past

Blessings be upon him in his future role plays, hopefully he'll achieve enlightenment and throw his costume away

Much appreciation for the lesson my soul friend, we'll meet again next lifetime I'm sure


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