• E.J. Wanjiru

Ego Trippin'

Photo Credit: E.J. Wanjiru / Graffiti - D.C.

I came across this "Smash Your Ego" #urbangraffiti wall one evening, while strolling through the cool streets of D.C., and stopped to stare as if I were pondering the #imponderables. Those three words struck a chord, and with time forced me to direct my attention inward and take notice of the self-construction of my own identity as it relates to self-esteem and self-importance (two of the biggest ego creators). I discovered two things: I was overly critical of myself and I had an exaggerated sense of self, which was bizarre because how could I hate on myself AND think I'm the shit at the same time? Talk about an aha moment!

That rude awakening helped me realize that my personal ego and development needed some major realignment. Furthermore, I learned that fighting my own mindset was a full-time job and I needed all the help I can get.

The 3 Dimensions of Self-Realization by spiritual teacher #Anadi played a constructive part in my ego trip. It's a lengthy and nuanced read and took about seven attempts to wrap my brain around the concept of #selfrealization as explained by Anadi, but learning about the evolution of me into myself has been a game changer.

The older I get, the more curious I am in understanding why and who I am. After all, I'm stuck with me until the end so this path is important and so is 'smashing the ego' when it serves a destructive purpose.


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