• E.J. Wanjiru

Jade Novah - 'Stages' Album

I first stumbled on #JadeNovah when I watched her 'Thanksgiving with Beyonce' comedy skit imitating Beyoncé, Toni Braxton and Kim K. and I remember thinking to myself, "damn, that girl can blow AND she's genuinely funny." Fast forward a year or two later (last Friday), I'm cruising the iTunes streetz looking for new music to obsess over and out of curiosity I click on her album in the new music segment (hadn't made the connection yet). I press play and hope for the best.

'Stages' (the first song) comes on and I'm unexpectedly impressed by her vocal performance and lyrical content. Then 'Somebody Son,' comes on, and once again the lyrics grab me and I nod my head and smile at what sounds like a Kool and The Gang 'Summer Madness' sample. Then 'Newness' feat. #EricBellinger drops and the chorus is everything and so is Jade Novah's flow on the verses. At this point I feel like I've struck R&B/Soul music gold so I immediately go to her IG @jadenovah to get more Intel and come across the same comedy skit video I watched way back when and that's when the light bulb comes on, 'oh shit, that's the same chick!!!"

Needless to say, I've been playing, 'Stages,' non-stop for the last six days. #JadeNovah is undoubtedly a rising star and home-girl is here to make her mark as a singer, actress, songwriter. I'm here for the trifecta!


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