• E.J. Wanjiru

Justin Bieber - 'Changes' Album

Updated: Mar 11

I'm pleasantly surprised by how solid 'Changes', #JustinBieber's fifth studio album, is. Justin's falsetto is lovely to listen to on any given day and his vocal performance is sincere and mature. I also haven't felt the need to fast-forward to the next song, which makes it an easy-listen-album to me.

'Changes' is a well-constructed cohesive musical biography about a young man expressing his romantic thoughts, gratitude for wife #HaileyBaldwin, and willingness to be vulnerable in a super swaggy way. I'm here for it. Vibewise, it kinda reminds me of #BrysonTiller's 'Exchange' album (classic).

Kudos to the team that made 'Changes' what it is -- artist, producers and writers (and all the weed and licka that may or may not have set the mood).

My top 3 favorite songs -

  1. Intentions (feat. #Quavo) - gorgeous lyrics & vocal arrangement, track has an electro, pop and dope baseline that I'm obsessed with, it's a sweet & genuine song.

  2. Yummy - the pre-hook vocal progression into the hook is insane; it's an infectious song & I like how swagged out Beiber sounds on the verses.

  3. Forever (feat. #PostMalone) - nice bounce, track has a similar sound to 'Intentions', the melody & vocals in the beginning of the first verse remind me of 'Dirty Diana' by #MichaelJackson. I like the gritty rock vibe Post Malone lends to the song.

The End.


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