• E.J. Wanjiru

Rapsody's - "Eve" Album

"Eve," Rapsody's third album has been in heavy rotation since it dropped last Friday, so much so, thanks to its masterful and flawless execution, that it has solidified its place in my music library (and spirit) fo' life!

Rapsody's musical method of celebrating black womanhood is quite genius. Down to the song titles and how each track tells its own story separate from the lyrics. And oh the lyrics...she got that! The album is a well-layered artistic (brioche) sandwich and each bite is better than the last.

My top three favs:

Cleo is hard AF, rightfully so. Oprah is hands down the hottest joint on the album; Rapsody's flow/swag is INSANE! Afeni, cuz it should be.

Can't forget about the album title, "Eve," it's pure magic.

I don't know what it is about MC's from NC, but keep em' coming if they liken #Rapsody & #JCole.

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