• E.J. Wanjiru

Rosalía - 'El Mal Querer' Album

Rosalía - 'El mal querer' Album Cover

I'm late AF to this party but I am delighted to have arrived...finally. I got wind of #Rosalía at this year's VMA Awards, where she put on a noteworthy performance that had me rewinding and watching again just to make sure I saw wtf I saw.

And I'm just gonna go ahead and write it....she's Spanish #Beyoncé....meaning that I believe she embodies Queen B's energy and swag in her own specialized way. Additionally, the way Rosalía commands the stage signifies, to me, that she's clear on who she is and how she will be received. I respect that.

El mal querer (The Bad Loving), Rosalía's second studio album that she wrote and co-produced, is high-key dope. It's all in Spanish. It's experimental. It’s Flamenco-influenced. You can tell she wrote and performed it with everything she had. I can't get enough of it.

The end.

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