• E.J. Wanjiru

Tips To Surviving Your 20's

1. Forget about your liver. You won’t really need it until you turn 29 ½. 2. Dance on as many tables as your heart desires. That shit is no longer acceptable in your thirties. 3. Enjoy it but learn when it’s time to get serious. 4. Start saving money. 5. Not everyone is your friend. 6. Take some chances. 7. Start paying attention to social cues; this shit is priceless.

8. Try not to take any incriminating photos of yourself. They will come back to haunt you.

9. Open yourself up to different experiences, people and places.

10. Try to keep your expectations in check. This will soften the blow when people disappoint you.

11. Try to avoid getting a record. And if you get one, expunge that shit. ASAP!

12. Grow a pair; don't be a milquetoast.

13. Don't rush time. Savor the space you're in.

14. Keep in mind that money doesn't grow on trees. Save it.

15. Hone in on your passion. Knowing what you want out of life is half the battle.

16. You don't know it all. Listen to the advice from those that are older and wiser.

17. Don't drift away from your family; home is where the heart is.

18. Start sharpening your management skills; you're going to need them to stay on top of your bills.

19. You're not invincible.

20. You won't have that body forever so work it while you got it!

******* Thank you to - Dottie_Pierce, Serena Williams, Nelson Kagika & Lisa-Li for contributing #tips & #advice.


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