• E.J. Wanjiru

Watching 'When They See Us'

I was 9 years old when the story of #RaymondSantana #KoreyWise #YusefSalaam #KevinRichardson #AntronMcCray, otherwise known as #TheCentralPark5, broke. I'd just set foot on American soil, a few months after April 19, 1989, and was clueless to the ways of my new world. While I was preparing to leave one country to begin a new and promising life in another, #TheCentralPark5 were fighting a life battle they had no chance of winning at the time.

I recall hearing about the case in the news and my parents discussing the unfortunate fate of Trisha Meili and the racial injustice that met the five boys that were wrongfully accused of her assault and rape. But the brevity of what was going on a few miles away, in New York City, escaped my adolescent mind.

Fast forward, thirty years later. I just watched the aptly titled #Netflix mini-series #WhenTheySeeUs, created, co-written and directed by #AvaDuvernay. My emotions are at an all time high, my thoughts running rampant, heart thumping, tears plunging with condolence and fury. This is neither the first nor the last story of its kind; but it is, most certainly, a story that has served its higher purpose. These five men are now woven into the fabric of my spirit.

Thank you, Ava Duvernay, for re-telling their story in such a poignant and emotive manner!

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